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Creating Tomorrow’s Seamless Experiences

CLLIX Apartments and Hotels is an Australian Hospitality Provider with over 2,500 apartments and more than 20 properties situated in Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Adelaide, providing seamless experiences all in a CLLIX of a button. Thus, we are known to be one of the top hotels in Australia.

All with a CLLIX of a button and you're on your way to experiencing our incredible apartments, hotels, and holiday rentals all over Australia and soon all over the world.
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Our Mission & Vision
CLLIX aims to put the services on the highest level to satisfy the demands of the changing times. The ideology of CLLIX is to combine innovation, top-notch technology, and high-quality customer service to create a seamless and world-class guest experience.
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To provide you with seamless stays in all our properties, you may refer to the FAQs section for any concerns or questions you may have.
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Exclusive Book Direct Benefits
Get the most out of your stay when you book directly with us!
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